Formapura is a one- stop shop for advanced marketing strategies end creative ideas.

Formapura works with a permanent team of 25 people located in our officies in Milan, New York and Los Angeles.

Formapura believes in the power of fresh ideas and innovative points of view and to that extent it with assembles teams on a project by project basis giving to its clients only the best and most appropriate manpower.

Formapura shapes its ideas with the support of a global network of innovators, cool hunters and free thinkers.

Formapura constantly creates and produces projects on a worldwide level, from fashion shots in New York to events in Beijing, from exhibits in Milan to short movies in London.

Formapura works very closely with the most prominent PR and Product Placement Agencies all over the world.

Formapura has a direct network of the most important personalities in the film, music, cultural and art scenes .

Formapura does not believe in costly structures and obsolete ideas that are passed on to clients. It only works with fresh ingredients. Hence the phenomenal success of the projects it has created and executed for its clients, past and present.

Formapura interacts periodically with its sister company in NY called Creative Dispatch. Creative Dispatch is a creative think tank made of innovative and unusual minds that meets periodically to outline the strategic directions of its clients.


  • Marketing strategies
  • Branding
  • Advertising
  • Event design and production
  • Digital marketing
  • Video production

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